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Aug, 2023

New ESSL Play Rule

New Play Rule
Rob Solomon, ESSL president, read the below verbiage before board discussion: "We would like to try and balance the competition. We will continue with our ask of each of the districts to let us know which of their teams they feel would be stronger teams so we can continue with pairing those teams up during the season. The other discussion point on balancing of competition is what to do if a game becomes lopsided. We only recognize a 4-goal differential, but that has not prevented teams from running up the score during the season. The concept that was discussed was adopting something similar to what indoor soccer does when games become lopsided, but instead of adding players to the field, to remove them instead."

Here is the language that was discussed to be voted on at the July 26th meeting:

If a score is at or above a six (6) goal differential, the team that is ahead will remove a player from the field of play and play a person down. If the goal differential drops below six (6), the team ahead can add their player back on the field and play at full strength. If the goal differential becomes ten (10) or greater, the team ahead will pull an additional player and play two people down. If the goal differential drops below ten (10), the team ahead can add their player back on the field. The team that is ahead will still attempt to play all players an equal amount of time. This rule will only apply if the removal of players does not put that team below the minimum number of players required for a game. The player pulled cannot be the goalie as a goalie is required per playing rules.

It was determined to implement the above rule in the Fall Season. It was then discussed to follow the above rule during tournaments. This was voted yes. Jason Sidell suggested to try and keep the ref’s out of the determining when to add and remove a player
and put the responsibility on the coach. To wrap up the discussion, the below was determined:
Starting in the Fall Season and also during tournaments – If there is more than a 6 goal differential, the coach is responsible for pulling 1 player from the field. If the goal differential moves to 10 goals, the coach is responsible for pulling 2 players. Any player can be pulled with the exception of the goalie. As that is a required position on the field.

We then moved to vote on adding the above rule to the by-laws and this was passed. Rob added it to rule 19c in the by-laws.

This will be brought up at the fall 2023 scheduling meeting and explained to the coaches. Jason Sidell will work on
notifying the refs of the changes.

The Eastwood board wants to encourage all coaches to be creative before the score differential reaches this amount. Here are some examples to give coaches some ideas:
-If your team is dominating, tell your players they have to pass the ball a set number of times before they are allowed to take a shot on goal.
-Rotate your players so that individuals who are less likely to have scoring opportunities in close matches may be able to score a goal.
-Try to get everyone on the team to score, so after a player scores one time during a game his/her role then becomes, regardless of how close they are to the goal, to pass to a teammate who has not yet scored that game. 
-Have your players back off full field pressing, especially when the other team is goal kicking.
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