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Eastwood Youth Soccer Association

Our League & Philosophy

The Eastwood Youth Soccer Association (EYSA) is located in the Luckey/Pemberville, Ohio area. We are a member of the East Suburban Soccer League (ESSL). In 2023 the ESSL and it's membership joined the Ohio Soccer Association (OSA). The official press release can be seen here.

We provide recreational soccer to children of any skill level. There are no try outs and all players play at least 50% of the game. One major goal is for all participants, players, coaches, and spectators to have fun. Please remember we have a zero tolerance policy in regards to language, fighting and unsportsmanlike conduct. All participants, including parents, are urged to display good sportsmanship and remember that in the East Suburban Soccer League, we play soccer "for the fun of it."

All players, coaches, parents, volunteers, spectators and others associated with the EYSA are expected to adhere to the highest standards of sportsmanship and ethics and commit to follow this EYSA Code of Conduct.  


EYSA Mailing address:
PO Box 118 
Luckey, Ohio 43443

EYSA Email: [email protected]

Grievances, Appeals, & Disciplinary Action

The formal grievance process addresses violations of the policies and/or rules that may result in the suspension or expulsion of violator(s) from participation in EYSA and ESSL sanctioned activities. Complaints that are not fully submitted or that deal with on-the-field judgment calls by the referee will not be investigated.

Individuals or organizations wishing to submit a formal complaint must do so by utilizing the EYSA Grievance Complaint Form. The purpose of this form is to collect detailed information on grievances within the Eastwood Youth Soccer Association (EYSA). The information entered into this form is confidential and will only be shared in its entirety with members of the EYSA Board. Reference to the EYSA Code of Conduct should be conducted prior to completion. Anonymous forms will not be accepted. EYSA will accept grievances within 30 days of the occurrence. 

After a Grievance is appropriately submitted, it will be screened (initial screening review) to determine whether the matter falls within the jurisdiction of the EYSA Board and whether the complaint has merit. If the initial review determines these criteria are met and the matter warrants further inquiry, a Notice of Grievance will be sent to the accused. The accused is then entitled to receive the following information prior to any EYSA Hearing, to have the tools and time in which to mount a defense:

  • Summary of Grievance and supporting materials (subject to the Board's discretion) submitted to and accepted by the EYSA Board
  • Names of all individuals who may or will be giving testimony against the accused (i.e., List of Witnesses).
  • The parties will be provided a Notice of Hearing, specifying the date, time, and place to appear for a Hearing before the EYSA board.

Please note, the EYSA board does not act as an accusatory or investigatory body. You are responsible for proving your case. You are responsible for arranging for witnesses to present evidence supporting your claim. You are responsible for providing the EYSA Board with all the evidence you think will be necessary. Evidence or witnesses presented for the first time at the hearing (or after the advance deadline stated above) may not be allowed or permitted to testify, as determined by the EYSA Board.

Any person or group (team, club, league, Board, etc.) that has been suspended may request an Appeal of their suspension by submitting such request in writing to the Eastwood Youth Soccer Association within 10 days of receipt of letter of notice. 

Any person or group (team, club, league, Board, etc.) who fails to comply with the EYSA Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including, without limitation, expulsion from the game/field, and expulsion from the EYSA. If it is determined a suspension is warranted due to a violation of the Code of Conduct there will be a temporary withdrawal of rights and privileges such as, but not limited to: the right to play, coach or otherwise administer or participate (directly or indirectly) in the game of affiliated soccer. Any person or group (team, club, league, Board, etc.) that has been suspended shall be in less than good standing for the entire term of the suspension with all rights and privileges withdrawn unless specifically stated otherwise by the suspending authority.

Board Members

EYSA is lucky to have 9 community members who dedicate their time to serving on our soccer board. Below is a list of our board members and the positions they hold on our EYSA board. 

President – Kristy Williams

Vice President/Treasurer – Open position

Secretary – Tabatha Elson

Web Coordinator/Registration – Pam Connell

4U/6U Coordinator – Jamie Henline

Referee Coordinator – Laura Strong

Coach Coordinator – Kyle Wright

Uniform & Inventory – Danielle Covarrubias

Field Coordinator – Joe Finfera

Members at Large - Diane Burtchin & Andrea Sibbersen 

If you are interested in getting involved with our soccer program in some way or simply have a question or comment to share, please reach out via email at [email protected]

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